Our Planes have a history to tell
Our 172 received more than $40,000 in upgrades by Hampton Aviation in Mena, AR in 2015 which included a full engine rebuild including porting and polishing cylinder heads for added HP, new prop, new cowling, new paint and minor interior tweaks. It's IFR certified with primary and secondary GPS, and includes XM weather and radio. She's a great plane and is shining like a new dime with her new paint. Both 182's are tricked out cross country machines that are also IFR certified and have glide slope coupling autopilots, primary and secondary GPS and XM Weather and radio. The 182RG just had a Garmin G5 standby instrument installed as primary AI and was painted plus got an STEC-55X auto-pilot to match the one in our fixed gear 182 in 2016. With this paint job our planes now all carry a common theme and stand out as a real Aviation fleet. Our planes are well maintained with lots of member input and a maintenance officer who handles scheduling all service and repairs.  We also have a member who holds an A&P with AI and advises us on the most in depth maintenance details.

N734AE is a C172
N735FC is a C182
N6245S is a retractable 182RG.